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The Use of a Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) in Conjunction with Drainage Membranes

The use of a Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) as the low permeability layer in landfill lining systems and restoration caps can provide a cost effective and readily Construction Quality Controlled alternative to natural clay. In fact this material may be the only option in regions where the local geology is such that no clay of […]

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SITA Cornwall Reports Successful Landfill Works After First 12 Months

SITA Cornwall  News (January 2008) – reports: Improvement in compliance… Landfill SITA Cornwall’s two landfill sites play an important role in managing the county’s waste. A great deal of work was carried out in 2007 at the landfills and even more is planned for 2008. It was a busy year in terms of engineering at […]

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Rowe Environmental Completes Penultimate Capping Stage at Killurin Landfill

This summer was the second summer season, and the 4th stage of restoration capping at this Wexford County Council landfill during which Rowe Environmental provided capping construction quality assurance services. The start of the works in June 2007 coincided with the uniqely heavy rainfall exprienced throughout the region that month. Although clay capping proceeded in between […]

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Landfill Settlement and the Construction Quality Assurance Role

The operator of a modern landfill site in responding to the requirements for minimising leachate generation is likely to fill the site rapidly within small constrained areas to reduce rainfall ingress. When the operational cell is complete to restoration levels it is likely to be capped to prevent further ingress of rain water. This means […]

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Geosynthetic Materials: Use of Pozidrain in Landfill Capping

We occasionally post capping design information on this blog. We hope that you will find these posts interesting. To guarantee a landfill cap which will drain adequately and for effective gas collection, the landfill cap should incorporate a drainage layer above and preferably also, a gas collection layer below the cap’s low permeability lining system. The geosyntheic […]

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