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Landfill Designers and Specifiers Beware of Blocked Drainage Layer Geotextiles

Inferior geo-composite membranes which should both provide a low permeability membrane to cap a landfill and replace drainage stone otherwise needed above the low permeability layer are being offered which don’t do the job. It is essential to drain the interface and prevent development of a slip plane at the membrane on even quite gentle […]

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Landfill Engineering and Environmental Conflicts

Landfill engineers are increasingly preoccupied with building landfills which will capture as much landfill gas as possible and use that gas optimally to generate renewable energy. However, this very engineering holds dangers for the environment around a landfill, with raised leachate levels, and extra stress on landfill lining membranes.

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US EPA Landfill Capping

Landfill Capping is the most widespread type of remediation since it is in general less pricey than other technologies and actually manages the human being and environmental risks allied with a remediation place. In this article we provide the basics of capping according to the US EPA.

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Why Landfill Construction Quality Assurance is so Important to the Installation of Landfill Geomembrane Liners

Landfills nowadays each contain huge amounts of organic materials and hold a huge potential to pollute the local groundwater for generations in the containment systems upon which their design is based fail to function as intended. The engineering of a landfill is no different to other engineered structures, in fact in many ways, especially due […]

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