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TRASHED: The Story of Garbage on DVD

Trashed is a provocative investigation of one of the fastest growing industries in North America. The garbage business. The film examines a fundamental element of modern American culture…the disposal of what our society defines as “waste.” It is an issue influenced by every American, most of whom never consider the consequences. Nor, it seems, the […]

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Rowe Environmental Completes Penultimate Capping Stage at Killurin Landfill

This summer was the second summer season, and the 4th stage of restoration capping at this Wexford County Council landfill during which Rowe Environmental provided capping construction quality assurance services. The start of the works in June 2007 coincided with the uniqely heavy rainfall exprienced throughout the region that month. Although clay capping proceeded in between […]

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What Do US Landfill Lining Systems Have Which EU Linings Don’t?

This is a question for our expert visitors. The answer is: “Leakage Detection Layers”. We have quoted some text from a US landfill lining systems report. “The double-composite liner system, …, consists of a primary liner overlaying a secondary liner with a leak detection layer between the two liners. Both the primary and secondary liners […]

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