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Geosynthetic Materials: Use of Pozidrain in Landfill Capping

We occasionally post capping design information on this blog. We hope that you will find these posts interesting.

To guarantee a landfill cap which will drain adequately and for effective gas collection, the landfill cap should incorporate a drainage layer above and preferably also, a gas collection layer below the cap’s low permeability lining system.

The geosyntheic “Pozidrain” may be able to provide these functions with higher performance and lower cost than conventional crushed stone filters. The Pozidrain is also favoured by operators who want to squeeze the last once of waste into their landfill as the thickness of this material is much less than a stone layer, allowing more waste to be put in the landfill before the planning consented top of site levels are reached.

ABG Geosynthetics tell us that:

Pozidrain has been specially designed to be compatible with both HDPE and clay liners and to give the optimum performance over the whole life of the landfill capping. Pozidrain will enhance the performance of the GCL or HDPE liners by providing an additional barrier that prevents the majority of the water or gas reaching the liner. Pozidrain geocomposite drainage layer has a proven record in landfill capping.

If you are still wondering what Pozidrain material is, think of a very big area of a membrane material comprising many “egg boxes” joined together. Across the face remote from the low permeability landfill seal is “tack” welded a geotextile filter material. The egg box profile creates a continuous void which allows water penetrating the filter to drain away. A very simple but useful idea.

The Landfill CQA technician/supervisor must at all times ensure that the Pozidrain supplied meets the specified requirements, and is laid in accordance with the specification. This is likely to involve the checking, and acceptance of the contractor-provided supplier CQA records, plus some additional independent testing for verification of factory test data.

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