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Magpie Drilling Constructs “Deepest” Ever Leachate Retro B/Hs in Leicestershire

Leading drilling specialist Magpie has announced the deepest boreholes/wells for leachate extraction drilled to date.

SITA UK approached Magpie with a need for one of the most challenging landfill drilling projects undertaken to date.

Enderby Warren a closed landfill site in Leicestershire has existing leachate extraction chambers 74m deep. SITA wanted to retro drill some chambers adjacent to the existing chambers as a back-up to the wells. Magpie were contracted to drill two wells to an estimated target depth of 75m.

To Magpie’s knowledge this had not been achieved before in landfill in the UK. They completed the first well in just under two weeks, and on the second visit completed the second well in a week. This included drilling of the wells in 450/350mm diameters, with a double permanent steel installation. 406mm steel was installed to 50m and 273mm steel installed to final depth.

More on Magpie’s web site here.

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