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Web Site Explains ATEX & DSEAR Requirements

IPPTS Associates have created a new website, the ATEX & DSEAR (UK) website, to assist the waste management industry in coping with the necessary reviews and risk assessments necessary to comply with the EU’s ATEX Directive regulations which finally come into force at the end of this month.

Many in the waste industry think that ATEX & DSEAR (UK) compliance means little more than ensuring that a leachate pump is ATEX Certified, and a landfill gas flare control panel is the right electrically cafe equipment to comply with the category of explosion risk close to the gas flare, when the actual requirements are in fact much broader.

Update 2015:

The responsibilities of the site owner apply to all those that enter and work at the landfill, although of course all equipment must be rated to be safe if it is within an ATEX explosion risk zone, the following, for example, also applies:

  • All locations where a risk of an explosive atmosphere exists must be zoned for the relevant risk, whether or not there is any electrical equipment present
  • Correct signage for all gas risks within these zones must be displayed
  • Adequate induction training must be provided for all those using the site
  • Correct clothing and procedures for the avoidance of sparks etc.

IPPTS Associates provides a full ATEX and DSEAR compliance reporting service, to provide advice to landfill owners and operators.

Back in 2007 the implementation of these regulations was just about to start for the landfill industry in the UK, and we said:

First Waste Industry Code of Practice Published for implementation of the ATEX Directive (DSEAR) for landfill gas at landfills

The first Official ATEX HSE (UK) Industry Code of Practice (ICoP) has just been published for landfills. Now the rush must start for the Waste Management Industry to carry out the necessary Risk Assessments for every landfill.

All but the oldest landfills will still be capable of generating methane and most contain chambers associated with landfill gas and leachate, monitoring, and surface water drainage. This means that site owners must carry out various actions in order to comply with the new dangerous substances and explosive atmosphere regulations. The risk assessments must be in place and any safety work resulting, completed by the end of June next year (2006). – See more at:

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