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Landfill Construction and Design

So, what are the main features of landfill construction and design? It is a question those who show an interest in their local landfill, often ask. We set about answering the question here. The Development and Restoration Stages of Landfill Construction and Design A garbage dump, or landfill, is normally developed by infilling a depression […]

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soil mixing

Soil Mixing and Stabilization for Landfill Developments

Use of Soil Mixing and Stabilization to Improve the Geotechnical Properties of Poor Ground During Landfill Development Works There are a variety of reasons that deep soil mixing and stabilization techniques are needed in a particular area. These may include contamination, structural necessities or other enhancement issues. As technology has developed, it has become easier […]

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Landfill CQA engineer

The Duties of a Landfill CQA Engineer

The purpose of Landfill Construction Quality Assurance is to ensure that the landfill is constructed in full compliance with the specification. The primary responsibility for ensuring this, rests with the landfill construction (civil engineering) contractor. The landfill CQA Engineer who is resident on the site, provides independent inspection and verification of the work, and receives […]

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