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SITA Cornwall Reports Successful Landfill Works After First 12 Months

SITA Cornwall  News (January 2008) – reports: Improvement in compliance… Landfill

SITA Cornwall’s two landfill sites play an important role in managing the county’s waste. A great deal of work was carried out in 2007 at the landfills and even more is planned for 2008.

It was a busy year in terms of engineering at United Mines Landfill in 2007, with the construction of a new landfill cell, the diversion of a sewer and surface water system and the capping of an area of 600m2. The leachate plants at both United Mines and Connon Bridge sites were refurbished which assisted the significant reduction of leachate levels.

Local residents and councillors have joined a community liaison group at United Mines to discuss issues around the site and preparations have begun for an open day in spring.

The aim to cap a large area of United Mines and Connon Bridge confirms that major landfill construction will continue in 2008.

2008 will also see the temporary closure of the Connon Bridge Landfill site. Work has already commenced to improve the visual impact, increase gas and odour control and further reduce leachate generation.

Efforts will also be concentrated on reducing the sites’ impacts both on the local and global environment, with the development of a strategy to reduce the sites’ water and energy use.

(Clearly there will be plenty of Landfill CQA work in the region this year – Ed.)

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