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Solar Powered Landfill Gas Flares

Marton Geotechnical (MGS) are selling the Flaretech Solar Ignited Flare, which is innovative and sounds like a great idea.

On their web site they describe the Flaretech™ SPE as a solar powered elevated (open) landfill gas flare. It can be used on landfill gas vents, LFG wells and, we are told, leachate chambers. In fact use this anywhere that methane gas is emitted and the explosion risk will be safely controlled by this equipment.

Landfill gas enters the flare under its own ambient pressure so there is no need for additional blowers or an external power supply. The air/gas mixture can be manually altered to suit the composition of the gas and to provide the optimal burning condition. The solar panel trickle charges the battery, which provides the continuous high energy spark for ignition. A multi-function timer can be programmed to provide symmetrical or asymmetrical cycles to suit ithe specific site conditions.

Not only is this a safety device, it is also a ‘green’ device as the gas that is burnt is much less damaging in terms of its greenhouse gas effect than it otherwise be if methane was discharged to the atmosphere.

The use of this type of flare in a developing nation might be funded be the Carbon Emission Reduction it produces, and payments made to the owner under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), as well: WebMaster.

The need for this equipment is identified within the landfill site owner’s DSEAR Risk Assessment. Have you done yours yet? Have you updated it recently?


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