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The Poor Waste Industry Safety Record and DSEAR

In 2004, the Bomel report quoted the incidence of serious injuries within the UK Waste Management Industry at five times the national average and a fatality rate ten times the national average.

That was bad enough.

However, it got worse in February 2006 when a safety alert released by the HSE made it clear that there have been no less than nine work-related deaths in the waste and recycling industries in a recent approximately 8 week time span.


The full implementation of the EU’s safety regulations for landfills was finally achieved, after a prolonged period of phased introduction of these regulations.

All landfills where there is the potential for an explosion risk, or a possible dangerous substance present fall under the regulations and require an expert risk assessment, which is then followed up by the production of an Explosion Protection document if the risk assessment (RA) finds that a risk of explosion or of a dangerous substance is possible.

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