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Waste Strategy 2007 And Landfill Construction Safety Assurance

The Waste Strategy 2007 has been published, and yes, of course, poor old landfill gets the “worst” (least preferred option) ranking in the waste heirarchy again!

Seriously though, there was never going to be any change to the requirements for landfills including the Construction Quality Assurance requirements for landfills, but we thought we would post this anyway!

Here is what Let’s Recyle have been saying about the Waste Strategy as far is it relates to landfills:-

Specific material type landfill bans on agenda

The first three chapters of Waste Strategy 2007 contain a number of key areas of interest including the suggestion of radical future approaches to the landfilling of biodegradable and recyclable waste.

Landfill bans
The document points to experiences on the Continent where a number of countries, such as Germany, France and Swdedn, have imposed strict bans on what can be landfilled.

The strategy said that Defra wil be “consulting, subject to further analysis, on the introduction of further restrictions on the landfilling of biodegradable wastes and recyclable materials.”

Explaining the thinking behind this, the strategy says that other EU states “have found that imposing legal restrictions on the types of waste that can be landfilled has encouraged higher rates of recycling and recovery.”

The Department also noted how these have been introduced with significant lead-times, as in Germany.

The strategy repeats the waste hierarchy which has five levels. These are (the best) waste prevention; reuse; recycle/compost; energy recovery; disposal (the worst).

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