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How to Do Landfill CQA Up to the Start of the Construction Works

Landfill CQA Actions up to the Start of Construction Once the landfill design engineer has completed the landfill design and the specification has been substantially completed, it is possible to write the landfill Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Plan, which the construction contractor will then be required to follow, and which will once completed be reported […]

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Why Landfill Construction Quality Assurance is so Important to the Installation of Landfill Geomembrane Liners

Landfills nowadays each contain huge amounts of organic materials and hold a huge potential to pollute the local groundwater for generations in the containment systems upon which their design is based fail to function as intended. The engineering of a landfill is no different to other engineered structures, in fact in many ways, especially due […]

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