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A Landfill Construction Quality Assurance Primer

The purpose of Landfill Construction Quality Assurance is to ensure that the landfill is constructed in full compliance with the specification. The primary responsibility for ensuring this, rests with the landfill construction (civil engineering) contractor. The CQA Engineer (provided by Rowe Environmental), on site, provides independent inspection and verification of the work, and receives all the […]

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Geophysics: What is it?

The widely used definition of geophysics is that provided by Sheriff in the Encyclopedia of Exploration Geophysics. For the purposes of this site, we refer more specifically to the following definitions – these focus on Environmental and Engineering Geophysics: Geophysics is: The subsurface site characterization of the geology, geological structure, groundwater, contamination, and human artifacts beneath […]

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Geosynthetic Materials: Use of Pozidrain in Landfill Capping

We occasionally post capping design information on this blog. We hope that you will find these posts interesting. To guarantee a landfill cap which will drain adequately and for effective gas collection, the landfill cap should incorporate a drainage layer above and preferably also, a gas collection layer below the cap’s low permeability lining system. The geosyntheic […]

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Training Skills for Work in Landfill CQA

We have been asked where the necessary skills can be obtained for Landfill Construction Quality Assurance work. The core skill needed for Landfill CQA is an good appreciation of soils mechanics, as most of the CQA work relates to civil engineering earthworks, so a good grounding comes from the Soils Mechanics tought within any practically based Civil […]

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