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Soil Mixing and Stabilization for Landfill Developments

Use of Soil Mixing and Stabilization to Improve the Geotechnical Properties of Poor Ground During Landfill Development Works There are a variety of reasons that deep soil mixing and stabilization techniques are needed in a particular area. These may include contamination, structural necessities or other enhancement issues. As technology has developed, it has become easier […]

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Landfill Geomembrane Liners: Selection and Use

Geomembranes, or liners, are a brilliant way to stop liquid loss or contamination. Picking the right sort of geomembrane for an application could be a confusing process. When scanning the market you’ll come across a good spread of geomembrane liners. That is because of the unique wishes of numerous industries they’re used in. The sort […]

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HDPE Landfill Liners

A secure or sanitary landfill is a carefully built and lined depression in the ground, or a landfill built on top of the ground, into which wastes are put. Whichever it is, the aim is to avoid any hydraulic connection between the wastes and the encircling environment, particularly groundwater. Essentially, a landfill is a bathtub […]

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Landfill Designers and Specifiers Beware of Blocked Drainage Layer Geotextiles

Inferior geo-composite membranes which should both provide a low permeability membrane to cap a landfill and replace drainage stone otherwise needed above the low permeability layer are being offered which don’t do the job. It is essential to drain the interface and prevent development of a slip plane at the membrane on even quite gentle […]

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How to Design a Permanent Geological Exposure in a Landfill

One of the most common locations for landfills are worked out quarries and quarries suitable for landfill are an increasingly valuable resource for this reason. In a growing number of cases suitable sites include rare geological exposures of mineral bearing rock, or strata of regional importance which need to be kept exposed after landfilling for […]

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