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The Use of Landfill Tyre Drainage Layers and Their Hydraulic Capability Under Load

Leachate drainage layers are necessary in most waste landfill sites to minimise the accumulation of leachate within the site and they reduce the risk of contamination of surrounding ground and groundwater. A cheaper and environmentally preferable option is be the use of scrap vehicle tyres, but is their use permissible and what happens to them […]

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Does Carbonate Aggregate Really Do Any Harm in Landfill Leachate Drainage Stone?

In the design of municipal landfill leachate collection systems, some state regulatory agencies require carbonate content of leachate collection system aggregate not to exceed 15 percent by weight. This requirement comes from a legitimate concern about the possibility of aggregate degradation, or loss of mass due to contact with leachate. Most involved in landfill design […]

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