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The Need for Landfill CQA: Background to the EU Legislation

European Directives Arguably, the most important European legislation relevant to landfill containment is embodied within the Council Directive of 17 December 1979 on the protection of groundwater against pollution caused by certain dangerous substances (80/68/EEC) (CEC 1979). The Annex to this Directive contains two lists of generic as well as specific compounds or substances. List […]

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Landfill Engineering and Environmental Conflicts

Landfill engineers are increasingly preoccupied with building landfills which will capture as much landfill gas as possible and use that gas optimally to generate renewable energy. However, this very engineering holds dangers for the environment around a landfill, with raised leachate levels, and extra stress on landfill lining membranes.

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The Use of Landfill Tyre Drainage Layers and Their Hydraulic Capability Under Load

Leachate drainage layers are necessary in most waste landfill sites to minimise the accumulation of leachate within the site and they reduce the risk of contamination of surrounding ground and groundwater. A cheaper and environmentally preferable option is be the use of scrap vehicle tyres, but is their use permissible and what happens to them […]

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